An exercise to find the key assumptions in your business

What you think you know, but is wrong, can kill your business. Being explicit about the key assumptions of your business model is critical: you can then test and validate them one by one. Here is a great exercise from Giff Constable to help you write down the main assumptions of your business.

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Test Your Ideas and Potential Demand – Make The First Sale Early!

It’s very easy for an entrepreneur to come up with an idea for a product or service and become excited about the “possibility” of making large volumes of sales. However, this excitement often translates to overestimation of desire for that product.

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Are You Making These Mistakes When Trying to Find a (Technical) Co-Founder?

It seems that trying to find a technical co-founder is quite a challenge this days. Being CTO of a small company, I am approached regularly by entrepreneurs in search of one. Here are the 8 most common errors I see again and again.

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Do you have a problem worth solving for your startup? 28 questions to ask your potential customers

I am getting ready to start a round of customer problems interviews for a project of mine. I believe it is critical to talk to potential customers even before starting to write one line of code. To tell the truth, I don’t even have any clearly identified problems yet, but I hope these interviews will give […]

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Lacking time and money for your startup? 11 strategies to get you started with few resources

Learn 11 strategies that will help you launch your startup even if you are lacking time and money. The short version: “Focus. Start small before you grow big, fail fast and fail cheap. Implement some time management strategies. Move forward a little bit every day. Be persistent but flexible, and test a lot.”. Read the rest of the article to know how this works.

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From speed of implementation to small bets: 7 powerful mindsets for entrepreneurs

There are many mindsets that successful entrepreneurs are using. In this article you will find 7 mindsets that will change the way you approach building your startup: why speed of implementation matters, what is effectual thinking, leverage your strengths….

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You’ve got an idea for a startup, now what? Seven actions that will create momentum

#1 Clarify and refine your idea: Write down all your ideas and all your thoughts relating to your project. Start an idea notebook and always keep it with you. It is very easy to forget a thought. Don’t waste any of them. Write them down and review them later. #2 Explore alternatives: Try to brainstorm […]

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Your aspirations: 12 questions to ask yourself (and your co-founders) before you start building your start-up

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!This morning I was re-reading a truly interesting book: The New Business Road Test by John Mullins. It reminded me of the importance of having clear goals for oneself. Every entrepreneur has different sets of aspirations: it is critical to […]

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The two best ways to know if there might be a market for your startup idea

The first step to assess whether your startup idea has any potential value is to find if there are real users out there who want your product. In other words, you are looking to see if there is a market for which your product is a solution to a real, existing problem.

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Why people don’t buy your product

You might think that there are many reasons that will cause people not to buy, but I think you can roughly group them in 6 categories: they don’t know you exist, they don’t understand what problem you are solving for them, they don’t believe your solution will solve their problem, they think it costs too […]

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