About Me

The mission

Everything started from this hypothesis:

Most startups fails, not because of complex reasons,
but because they failed to address one or more basic problem.

I believe that a lot of these failures could be prevented if first time entrepreneur would learn more about the basics of starting and running a business.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of the basics, it is easy to make a mistake that will kill your chance of success. It is like driving blind.

The good news is that a lot of very smart people have already figured out and shared a lot of this knowledge. The hard part seems to be able to locate it, figure out what is really important from what is a mere detail and make it understandable. It is easy to get overwhelmed. It is easy to get distracted. It is easy to believe that this knowledge is just common sense.

After two years of reading a lot of books and blogs about business, marketing, business plan, startup, accounting, sales, strategic management, entrepreneurship, etc., I couldn’t avoid noticing the gap between the best practices I was reading about and the reality of what was actually implemented in startups.

After finding another nice looking web apps where I couldn’t make head or tail of what solution it was trying to solve, I had the idea that, maybe, I could be more useful helping other people understand and apply the basics of entrepreneurship rather than just starting my own company.

This blog is the first step toward that. I want to get a deeper understanding of the problems and challenges that first time entrepreneur are facing and to explore the core knowledge that is needed to transform their ideas into business. The next step would be to create products and services that can really make a difference for them.

I don’t have a personal experience of starting a company, but I believe that there is another way: instead of sharing just my own experience, I could leverage the experience of many successful entrepreneur and business expert, whether by talking to them, interviewing them, reading there books, etc. My goal is not to revolutionize business but to answer the question: what minimal set of knowledge, tools and step by step process could drastically minimize the risk of failure for an entrepreneur, and to find a way to share that.

I hope to make a difference in their life by helping them become more successful.

What about me?

I have been thinking about launching my own startup since a long time. I have a background in engineering and I have spent 5 years of my life doing software development. Since I had the opportunity to work in a startup in California for 2 years, I had always been thinking about being involved in a startup again.

In the last few years, I spend time exploring around developing my own iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. In the process I discovered that, if I wanted to be successful, I needed to learn a lot more about business. I became interested with answering the question: what does it takes to be successful at the game of business?